A daunting mission.Mature

Chapter Six
Brother Tero

WC: 992

Brother Tero breathed in deep, savouring the crisp freshness of the air. There wasn’t a cloud in sight, and the morning wind sang in the branches of the gargantuan trees and long green grass complimented by the quiet bubbling of the clear blue stream that was trickling softly past the meditating form of the young Brother.

Hours could have passed, but it may have been minutes before he opened his eyes and relaxed his form. Words in his language couldn’t even begin to describe the sight that blessed his eyes, the missionaries had been right to name their new world after the Garden of Eden. He sat at the crown of a long valley, mountainous arms stretched out before him seemingly hugging the soft green hills, framed by a river that was born of trickling streams that ran by his bare feet.

The historians of the abbey where he grew up told him that the old Earth used to be as pure as the new planet Eden, but Tero could never visualize it. Earth had become nothing but a sprawling hive of pollution and sin and any land that wasn’t built upon was over-farmed in an only semi successful attempt to feed its population, all of her natural beauty had been lost.

It had taken the better part of three centuries, but with persistence most of the branches of Christendom had been collapsed back into a single church, and in a unifying act missionaries from all backgrounds and heritages left the dying world with their eyes set on a seemingly uninhabited “Goldilocks” planet, and when they arrived everything was better than they’d imagined. Within a decade they were independent, requiring no shipments from the old world. Great temples, monasteries, abbeys and churches were built, all in the model of the churches and temples of the old world. This land truly was the new Eden.

It was nigh on a century when the servants of the Lord almighty returned to the old Earth- reclaiming our ancient cradle of the Vatican city. The people of Earth had lost their way, and the governments had been too obsessed with power to combat the corruption destroying their countries. It was then the most radical reform took place, the church morphed from a pacifist institution to a powerhouse of justice and righteousness. No longer would they stand by and watch sin and crime take hold of the world. Agents, like Brother Tero, were trained with the sole purpose of combating evil on whichever battlefield it may lie; Agents with the strength to do what is right, no matter the cost.

It was a battle that could never be completely won, but the church was as close to victory as it would ever be. Crime was at an all time low on Earth, it had eyes and ears in every government. Earth was unified for the first time in history. Evil was only present on the outer rim when the church backed off, handing much of its power back to the governments. They returned to Eden, with all intent of existing there in peace and harmony for eternity, hopefully never having to cleanse the world again.

But still, the church kept its eyes and ears open and a few specialist agents remained in service, to be called into action should the need ever become so dire. Trained and educated from as young as they can remember, they were the deadliest force across the stars, second only to the unholy ‘Black Eyes’ as they were called on Eden. But the genetically modified super soldiers had been overthrown, they existed now only in the shadows.

Without warning, Tero sprang up into the air, twisting with incredible speed his puresteel longsword already unsheathed and in another instant resting at the neck of the man who’d tried to sneak up on him. The elderly abbot wasn’t startled in the slightest, a trace of a smile playing at the corner of his lips. No words were spoken, but as Tero lowered his sword the wispy white haired man handed him an envelope.  

-Three Days Later-

Brother Tero was kneeling on the cold stone floor with the ancient paintings of the artist Michelangelo looking down at him from the ceiling and the sounds of an endless race of vehicles and people echoing quietly behind him while before him sat several men, all of whom he knew by name.

“Subject Zero has escaped. He is by far the most dangerous of all Black Eyes; his freedom is a threat to the innocents of the galaxy and to the church. You, Brother Tero, are hereby issued the order to kill or return this heretic, whether to us, or the Government issuing ransom payments.
  You cannot do this alone Tero- but we cannot afford more than one agent. Our sources tell us a Bounty Hunter, by the name of “Domino Flare” is rallying a group to hunt him down. She is a known Black Eye, but is not considered a threat as of this time- her details are being downloaded to your devices now, as well as Ten Thousand credits to cover any and all expenses of this mission. If more credits are required, contact us, and we will provide you with them.
  Go now, with the Blessing of the Lord, Brother Tero, and our gratitude. And remember, this mission is of utmost importance."

Brother Tero stood and faced the council, before bowing and making his way out of the Sistine Chapel, determined not to let his fear show.

The End

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