Chapter FourMature

Chapter Four 
Lukus Fray
WC: 901

Lukus Fray took a slow breath as he watched his target move through the sewers hoping to keep men off his path. The bounty hunter removed the cigarette from between his lips and added more smoke to the air. Peering through the smog he saw the target turn a corner and slowly went after him. Bling. Bling. 

The noise filled the air and made the man whip round. Lukus casually glanced down at his call device around his wrist and saw Domino displayed across the screen. Great timing, he thought amused that she'd be calling him when she knew he was out hunting. The man was thinking of escape which made Lukus look up just as he started to run. Reaching over his shoulder Lukus took hold of his crossbow, while still holding his cigarette in the other, and pointed it forward. His finger rested lightly on the trigger as he aimed before slowly clenching on it. The bolt sliced through the air and into the mans leg where it vanished as lazer bolts did. Hooking his crossbow lazily onto his belt he approached the man at a calm pace as the target cried and wailed about his leg.

Lukus stopped in front of him peering down at the murky business clothes and ridiculous mushroom hair cut. "Why didn't you just kill me?!" the man screamed at the hunter spit spattering onto his face as he crouched down. Lukus patiently wiped it off tilting his head as he watched the man. Waited as his breath sped up and panic covered ever inch of his face. It was then Lukus smiled before discarding the cigarette he had been smoking and grabbing hold of the mans skull.

He shot in instantly his will wrapping around the depths of the mans memories. The little bits buried in the back that he didn't want anyone to know about. It was always very disturbing for Lukus even more so when he got a man who experimented in how he liked to have his women. The hunter would never get those memories out of his mind.

Suddenly the target began to struggle. Not physically since the pain in his leg was all that he could think about but mentally as he felt Lukus' presence in his mind. He grit his teeth and tried very hard to not lose his grip on the information he was trying to pry out. "Get out of my head!" the target yelled out and starting to thrash his body about. "You can't have it! I won't let you"

The connection severed and the body slumped to the ground but it was too late. The man hadn't acted quick enough and the numbers that Lukus needed were swarming about his mind. Lukus stood taking the ear piece for his caller out of his pocket and putting it into his ear.

"Yes, Domino?" he purred as he moved his crossbow back to his back.

"I've got a job for you" her exquisite voice came through bringing back memories of their first hunt. They'd had many since. Every time she called though he'd always put on a show like he wouldn't accept before giving in. He'd take anytime he could to spend with Domino but over the years he'd learnt it wasn't going to be him to make her happy. 

The female bounty hunter didn't even know of Lukus' affections and he was going to keep it that way. "How much is the split?"

"Forty large"

Lukus stopped in his tracked. "There must be a twist her, Domino"

"That is what we get if we bring him back alive" she corrected which sadly wasn't the hunter's forte. Lukus started to resume his wanderings back down the alley as he pondered the information over in his mind. "Its still thirty thousand if we bring him back dead"

Lukus hummed to himself relighting a cigarette. "Tell me the real catch, Domino" he pushed as he reached the ladder to exist the sewers. Lukus leant against it waiting patiently and took a long drag of smoke.

"The file says he's the most dangerous man on the planet"

"Ah, now that is where the money is coming from" the hunter smiled taking another drag and closing his eyes picturing Domino before him. Her dark obsidian hair which tumbled down to her waist and matched with her genemodded black eyes. "I'll do it" the hunter said simply as he reopened his eyes wanting to see the real thing and not a memory.

"I knew you would" Domino chuckled. "Hope I didn't ruin your hunt"

"You scared the poor bastard but he didn't get away"


"You know me to well" Lukus said flicking his cigarette away and moving up the ladder. "Just send me where I have to go and when and I'll be there"

"Goodbye, Lukus" she said and hung up before the hunter had chance to return the farewell. He paused on the ladder and leant his forehead against one of the cool metal bars. It wasn't getting worse every time they spoke, he thought feeling the sick churn of need in the pit of his stomach.

He shook his head hard and tightened his grip on the ladder. She was his friend, he forced himself to think and that wasn't going to change because honestly telling Domino was the one thing he didn't have the guts to do.

The End

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