Day 6

     "How dare you insult me!" he shouted at the Wizard.

     "That wasn't said to be offensive it's just that black with the purple and orange? Seriously? Get a stylist" he yelled back, a few more minutes and maybe someone would save him.

     "You have insulted my honour and now this is personal" he shouted getting more and more angry. A vein was starting to bulge on his shiny forehead and bald scalp. Maybe he would collapse.

     "And you attacked me at work" the wizard shouted back, "How is that not personal, you attack me you get the Fist" he paused for a few moments, "That sounded a little dumb, how about you mess with the bull and you get the horns? Nah, I don't like that either" he thought about it for a bit.

     "This is tedious ! Why are you doing this!?" he shouted.

     "Ooh how about you mess with the Fist you get punched in the.. I don't know" the wizard said.

     "Stop!" the Necro shouted, the bulge was getting bigger.

     "Stop what?" the wizard asked, a few more minutes and he could break through the barriers. 

     "This, this stupid talking you are doing! It is useless!" the Necro shouted.

     "No not useless at all" the wizard said.

     He could feel the break in the magic strain. A frayed end, something that was about to fall apart. It was like unravelling a ball of yarn. There were a few catches here and there but he had most of it done. One more tug and the entire building would cease to exist.

     "Yes it is useless. They think you're some kind of genius but you're not you're just an idiot!" shouted the Necro.

     "Well while you've been irritated this crappy little spell of your's has been unraveling. Look up and watch it fall!" he shouted.

     The ceiling had disappeared, he could see straight up to the sky. Parts of it began to fall. It wouldn't kill him if it hit him as he had a shield up. The magic rocks and concrete bounced around him. The Necro was nowhere to be seen. He was probably under the rubble. Maybe he was lucky and got away. The Wizard doubted it. He took off his hat and wiped the dust off of it and placed it gently back on to his head. He turned and walked away from the destruction not paying attention to any of it. The magic was gone. He checked his watch, he was late for work. Very late indeed. He would need a good explanation.

The End

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