Day 5

    He shoved his hand through the metal into the fuse box and tore out the power supply. The magic supply cut and started to fade. The entire bank of elevators was an illusion. He felt it start to fall apart bit by bit. He warped out before it was entirely gone. He was in the lobby again, it was empty not a single soul was there. Maybe the entire building is an illusion, he thought. He checked his watch, there should be people here this was wrong. He shoved his hand through the wall to see if there was a magic line in it. He hoped there wasn't or he would be stuck. He reached in and found what he hoped wouldn't be there.

     "Hello" said a deep voice, he turned to see who it was. A man probably a Necromancer by the robes he wore, stood at the end of the elevator banks.

     "Nice trap you got here, I really liked the Phaseman, he was good" said the wizard, "Only one problem with him, he was sitting under a camera. You might want to look more carefully at the details next time" he added sarcastically.

     "I am sorry but no Phaseman was working on this one" said the Necromancer, he was very clearly confused.

     "The security guard, you didn't notice him when you walked in?" said the wizard, "He was sitting right behind the desk at the front" he added, something bigger than just one Necromancer going on.

     "There is no room for Phasemen in serious business like this" the Necromancer said trying to put on a voice that would scare the wizard.

     "So there's more than one plan going on, now all I need to do is find the right one" the wizard said mostly to himself.

     "Pardon?" asked the Necromancer.

     "Well if the Phaseman was here to kill me, he would be working with you. Since you aren't working with him that means he's here to either warn me or save me" he said, "Which would be really nice about now!" he shouted hoping it really was a Phaseman and that he would pop out and save him.

      "There is no one here to save you" said the Necromancer, "Now it is time for the Fist to retire, permanently" he added along with an evil cackle.

     "Aren't you going to explain your evil plan to me? Maybe add another cliche line? Maybe a line from a Bond movie?" he said rudely, trying to get more time.

     "Bond movie?" the Necromancer asked, "You have been spending far too much time with the humans" 

     "Yeah, humans are actually much nicer than Necros like you, by the way, those robes you got on are tacky" the wizard said.

The End

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