Day 4

He put her down less than lightly on the ground, she bounced a little and crouched down. She was frightened beyond belief. She stared straight at him uncertain what to do. 

     "Run" he shouted at her, she shook in fear and warped him back to the alley. He checked his watch, if he didn't get a move on he would be late for work.

     He warped a few blocks from work and all the people were back on track. Everything was normal for now. As soon as they knew the fist was back he  would be left alone hopefully. 

     He quickened his pace, he wanted to be out of the public view and one he was in his little office we could deal with what was going on. It wasn't right that they were here. This place was far too well known for the average thief. There was something deeper going on. Some kind of evil that was growing.

     He started to pay attention to where he was going he had arrived at the great glass building that was he workplace. He walked through the revolving doors, it was business as usual here. No one seemed to know that there was terrible things going on in the city.

     "Hey" said one of the security guards as he walked by, his name was Gere or something, maybe Samuel or George, he could never really remember. All he knew about Samuel/George/Gere was that he seemed to be like an old friend that he had known forever but could never quite place why he had known him so long.

     "Morning" he said in reply, he continued walking towards the elevators, the up button had already been pushed. He looked around there was no way he was going to fit into this elevator. 

     The doors opened and far too many people got off of the elevator and far too many got on. He was left standing alone waiting for the next one. He pushed the up button repeatedly. A door opened behind him, he didn't remember there being two banks of elevators but then again the first side always opened when he got there. He walked in and pushed the 17 button. The elevator was slightly different then the other side. It was much tackier than the other side, it looked like it fell out of the 1920s, smooth jazz started to play. 

     He put his hand on the panel and stopped the elevator with a very small amount of magic. They were trying to get to him, the elevator was a trap. He could feel the wizard's signature, it wasn't very strong. He broke it quite easily, he put the signature to memory, it was familiar in some way like he had felt it a million times before.

The End

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