Day 3


 "I don't know what you mean, really lady you got the wrong guy" he tried again, maybe a bit more lying would help him work his way out of this. 

     "Come on" she said, she still wasn't 100 percent sure but she knew there was something about him.

     "Seriously lady, I don't know who you are but you really need to warp me back to where I was" he said, he cringed at the word warp, he shouldn't have said that. That was wrong he should have picked any other word. Teleport maybe, or zap or maybe fly. He had to use the technical word.

     "I know who you are" she said, petting the cat in her arms, she tried to look powerful. She tilted her head down to make shadows appear under her eyes. It didn't work on him.

     "Alrighty then, first off you have no clue who I am lady" he said, her tough exterior was starting to fall, "secondly that familiar of yours, that cat, is barely strong enough to warp a pointed hat and thirdly, I could destroy you with a wave of my hand so spit it out what the f--k do you want?" he bellowed, he crossed his arms and glared at her.

     She was frightened by him, this was not what she had hoped for. She had been looking for a weakling that she could steal from. Some poor untalented witch or wizard that had to join the human world. They were disgusting people like her, they leeched off of the weak and never did anything by themselves. They were the underbelly of the magical society. Vagrants that thought they were the greatest. She messed with the wrong guy.

     "So what'll it be lady? Would you like me to blow your head off or would you like me to go a little mean on you? Maybe I tear you apart limb from limb. That's what you do to the people you find out there isn't it? How about a taste of your own medicine? Here's your choice send me back or I kill you" he said still putting on a deeper voice than usual.

     She was taken aback, she was hoping for easy prey but she had picked herself the opposite. The man once known as the fist of the Mancers. She had picked made the worst decision of her life. He lifted her with a simple spell and held her a few feet above the ground.

     "Now you go home and tell all your douchey little buddies that if they come around my town and mess with my people they will get the Fist of the Mancers" he growled this at her, she finally realized who he was, "Now you know who I am, now run along home" he let go of the spell, "Run home little thief tell them the Fist is back"

The End

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