Chapter 2

She had seen something. Something she knew was familiar she thought is was nothing but a glimpse of someone moving. He hoped she wouldn't get any closer, he had warped right out of there to somewhere much closer to work. If she followed the trace would probably be muddled to the point he couldn't be followed. So many people walking through where he had been, hopefully they would cover up the warp traces.

     He had a few blocks left, that meant there were all different people he had never seen before. This was strange not only for him but the people around him. Coming towards him was a man with a green mohawk and a denim coat with missing sleeves. He seemed pretty far out of place surrounded by all the business men. The green haired man didn't seem to mind the fact that he was sticking out like a sore thumb. In fact he seemed to enjoy being the centre of attention. 

     The green haired man bobbed to music. The wizard tried to figure out what song it was by the bobbing, he was thinking it was either TNT by ACDC or Pokerface by Lady Gaga. Considering the clothing he went for TNT it seemed to fit better than Gaga. Something caught his attention, the same woman was on the same block. He turned at the nearest corner to get away. This witch was quite persistent. He thought about ditching work to get away from her but there was the presentation today and if she kept following him he would be very late. He checked his pocket watch, it was still early but the way he was going he would never get to work on time. He turned into a alley, the stench didn't bother him, he walked further.

     Something was off with the alley, it was too perfect, the dumpster was perfectly dented, the graffiti seemed to meld perfectly with colours that weren't too obnoxious. There was also a cat, not a homeless or street cat the fur was far too clean, the white of the fur stood out too much. This was a familiar. He turned, the street was long gone, behind him was a wall of trees. He turned back to the cat, the illusion of the alley was long gone. Standing behind the cat was the witch.

     "So, this is what you do?" the witch asked, she was dressed in strange clothing even for a witch. She wore layers of randomly coloured fabric.

     "I'm not sure what you're talking about lady but I'm pretty sure that you're a hallucination any second now I'm going to wake up in a hospital or the drunk tank or my apartment" he said, he never really was the greatest liar, this put her back a bit only really for a second though. She was not the most observant person.

     "Now, now, you know what this is about" she said, picking up her white cat. The cat wasn't just white, it was whiter than fresh snow with bright red eyes that glare right.

The End

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