30 days of onepageperday.com

I decided to try out onepageperday.com and the ideas just sort of popped in there and it sort of follows one or two main people.

   Where does this start? It starts very simply with a man in a black hat and a suit. He seems normal enough, as most people seem on the outside but he is anything but normal. He is what could best be described as a wizard. He went to College got a degree in Business which was normal enough, but it was the other courses he had to take that were not so normal. He could easily fit in anywhere but he never chose the easy path. So here we find him, at a Star Bucks with a Grande coffee, black because if you want coffee, why the hell are you adding sugar to it? He walked out of the store and down the street. It was still early so all the tourists and young people were sleeping, it was only him and other business men up this early. Scratch that he thought, business women too, well at least one. 

     He always wondered why he chose the life he did and he always came up with the same answer, he enjoyed it. The early morning meetings, the paperwork long into the night and the calls overseas at all odd hours of the day. He couldn't really imagine being anywhere else. Most wizards did great things like invent things or politics or even in some cases becoming doctors so they could help as many people as they had time to heal. He was never really good at healing magic, in fact he was pretty terrible at it. He never really got how healing worked, it was really complex and the type of thing people really understood or completely couldn't do at all. He fell into the latter category.

     He continued down the street, he was a long way away from work. He could easily have taken a cab or warped there or even hopped on the subway but he liked to walk. Ho got to see more of the world this way. The same people walked by everyday, there was the woman with the dogs, the jogger and 16 businessmen that always walked the same way. This morning something was off, the jogger was two blocks behind and there were only 15 business men. He stopped something was very wrong, the jogger was never late only earlier. He checked his watch, the time was right, the people were wrong. Someone new was in the crowd and she was very wrong. 

     He could tell, she wasn't normal. This was a fish out of water or to be more specific a witch in the human world. She was on the same side of the road that he was. He picked up speed to cross the street. If he got too close he would be noticed. He jogged across the street and kept going not looking back. He had blown his cover with the regulars but not with the witch. She had seen him cross but not knowing the regulars she probably ignored him. It wasn't much to hope for but it was better than nothing.

The End

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