Write about your relationship with food

Not quite sure, this is mainly just for me to try and fill in some prompts I found on the internet within 15 minutes, but I figured that if there are people out there that want to join in they should be able to.

On my relationship with food


I like food. Or, really, I love food. This is a fact.

I dislike food. Or, really, I hate food. This is a contradictory fact.

I need food, I need the calories, the fat, the vitamins. I need to not feel empty

I don’t need food. I don’t need the calories, the fat, the sugars. I need to feel empty.

Food is delicious, it’s sugary sweetness and lemony sours, it’s cucumber fresh and vanilla ice-cream cold.

Food is disgusting, it’s sprouty bitter and caramel salt, it’s potato dry and pepper hot.

Food is the curves of my body, the softness of my stomach and the shiny curls in my hair.

Food is the fat on my body, the rolls on my stomach and the width of my thighs.

I am not my appearance.

My appearance is me.

I’m confused.

My thoughts have turned against me.


I wish my thoughts were food.

I could eat them, instead of letting them eat me.

The End

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