Life as We Knew It Ch. 6-10

    During these chapters, Miranda and her family are exposed to dangers farther than tidal waves and weather. It begins with earthquakes along the fault lines, then magma being pulled through the surface turning dormant volcanoes into active ones. These then go on to erupt releasing ash into the air blocking most sunlight from reaching Earth's surface. Temperatures then decrease drastically for their climatic area. If I were exposed to such occurrence, I'd already be traumatized from the previous events and go off the deep end, as Megan did with her religion. However, I'm sure I'd appreciate the cooler weather, because I'm no number one fan of warm climate.

    So far, the main characters have been adapting somewhat well to the situation that has arisen, of course, there have been issues that occurred within the family. Yet, others aren't as lucky as Miranda, like ones who have chosen to move down South, or become ill or have died. Most actions in this book have showed some humane side to it, although in these chapters, a group or gang began to raid shops for supplies. Or another action made by Miranda's mother, who chose not to help those in ill health. These actions may already occur in our current society, but they cause a larger effect due to the catastrophic event within the story.

    This book has taught me more about humanity and how in events like this, it ripples or affects a larger amount of people or area. So far in my reading, I've discovered it has a good moral to go with it's theme, so it's a pretty good book as of now. Yet I was surprised with some of the characters reactions to the central conflict, and how bad they handled it. I know if I were to be in a similar situation, I'd respond in much the same manner.

The End

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