1/10 Will Relate

I really hope your alone when you read this.

Because only 1/10 will probably read this and understand and relate to it.


So you sitting in your bedroom,with the light turned off,alone. Probably on your bed,staring aimlessly at your laptop/computer screen thinking how pointless this is. And how much of your nlife your wasting reading this. Your so wrong because if your doing the above,then your already wasting these precious moments,being alone. Probably feeling: tired,uset or angry. Maybe even feel broken. You never know.

But now you think I'm making sense because whoever made you tired,upset,angry or broken is probably doing the same thing as you. But you don't need them,you just don't realise completely yet. Maybe your in two minds. But if someone hits you once,it's your fault,because you didn't see it coming. But if you get hit another time,it's their fault. Because you wouldn't take them back,however much they sweet talk you,flatter you or say they've changed. It's not true,no matter hw much you want to believe it,it isn't true. Convince yourself you like,take them back if you convince yourself enough. But you'll always have that thought somewhere.

So if your crying over a boy or someone who really isn't worth your tears,pick your head up princess because your tiara is falling.

But princess,I'm just telling you what I think is right. You have to make up your own mind up,which will it be?

The End

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