11 missed calls

A small sketch that I came up with in first year university. Living alone with borderline personality disorder can be stressful.

3 missed calls - Unknown

4 missed calls - Unknown

8 missed calls - Unknown

11 missed calls - Unknown

11 missed calls - Unknown

11 missed calls - Unknown

"I guess they finally gave up."

I laughed humorlessly. Just when I decided I would pick up on twelfth call, huh? Figures. 
I curled up in my heated blankets, willing the world into oblivion. The darkness held little comfort, and my ears rang from the sounds of someone running the shower the bathroom across the hall. I held the broken razor head tightly in my fist, wincing at the cuts that bore into my fingers. It would make typing and washing hard to do. I sighed.

The doorbell rang, and one of my room mates ran down the stairs. Probably one of her friends again. I pulled the pillow over my head and ears. She knocked on my door.

"Hey, you there?" she whispers loudly, "We have food downstairs. Want some?"

"No thanks..." I  muttered to myself. I didn't bother moving as she flicked off the lights. Then he came. I silently cursed and pulled the blankets over the pillow on my head and shut my eyes.

"Why didn't you pick up?" A smooth voice carried itself through the blankets. I pulled the sheets tighter over my head.

"I don't pay extra for caller display," I replied in a muffled voice.

"Wait, what? You thought it was a spam call?"

"Of course not, no advertising agency calls eleven times in an hour."

"So why didn't you pick up?"

"Leave me alone."

"Sheesh, you're touchy today. It's not like I set up the study date."

"It's not a date. If you have nothing better to do, then leave, because I am not studying right now."

"What?! But your exam's on Saturday and you haven't even finished reviewing half the lectures yet!"

"It's none of your business. I shouldn't have wasted your time calling you here. Just go and study by yourself."

"You're not wasting my time, darling. Plus, I'm done studying."

"Shut up, prideful diligent student. You know I hate it when you call me that."

"Aw, don't be like that!"

"Just leave!" I shouted and shot out of bed, ready to punch him.

No one was there.

Sighing, I looked back at my cell phone.

11 missed calls.

I threw the phone across the room.

I hate you.

I buried myself in my blankets again.
Slowly, they took in moisture from my tears.

... I miss you.

The End

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