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I would really love to write this into a script and perform it, as I think that would suit it a lot more than being a story. I don't really like how it turned out that much, but at the same time it's one of my 101 short stories, there are bound to be some I like and some I don't, that isn't going to stop me from writing them anyway.

I've already said that I'm not the world's best writer, so if you spot any mistakes feel free to message me with corrections, I don't mind. This is only a first draft, I don't have time in a week (or my life) to perfect it all. :P

I hope you all will continue to support me through this 101 in 1001 journey. May we all be inspired.

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1. Kyle:

When they locked the door behind me it was too late, I was already stuck in the hole I dug for myself.

I would say I deserved it, if I did, but in truth I don’t think I do.

You think I’m in here for attempted murder? It wasn’t anywhere near that bad really, this is just an excuse for the others to ignore me and get on with their lives without me around. They’re selfish pricks.

They aren’t going to come and visit me. They’re scared of me since I ‘almost killed someone’ and all that. I didn’t really. It was… mostly, an accident.

-Flashback. Kyle P.O.V.-

“My TV remote.” My hand smashed into the wall by his head, in that moment he was probably wetting himself, I couldn’t tell, I was blood red angry. Like a bull. “The remote for the TV in my room. Where the hell is it?”

Adam was shaking, of course he was, I was angry and he had been the one to annoy me, he always was a wuss. This was the thousandth time he’d moved my stuff around and I was getting sick of it.

“I don’t know.”

Even his voice was shaking. Have you ever heard anyone do that? It’s weird, pretty pathetic when you think about it. I wasn’t even hurting him.

“Of course you do, you’re the neat freak around here. You don’t see me swanning around tidying up after everyone else, do you?”

I suppose I was too loud and too close because he flinched away from me, shaking his head and not looking me in the eye.


“Then where is it?”

“I don’t know.”

“You’re lying, it was on my dresser, now it’s not. You’re the only one who actually goes into other people’s rooms to clean. Even when we ask you not to. So where the bloody hell did you put it? I have stakes riding on this game I’m missing.”

“I didn’t go into your room.”

“And why don’t I believe you?” I asked and at this point I was thinking of strangling him. “Last time you said that I’d seen you in there.”

“That one time!” Angry spots of colour were beginning to show in his face and if eyes flashed, his would have been flashing. “I was going in there to dump your own shit back. I didn’t move anything in your room then, I haven’t moved anything now.”

“You know, when I first met you I didn’t take you for a liar.”

“When I first met you I didn’t think you were an asshole either.”

-End Flashback.-

I am not an asshole. I may get a bit pissed off, but that particular instance was his fault. He shouldn’t touch my things without my permission, let alone move them, hide them, or whatever the hell he did. This wasn’t the first time either, I’d told him time and time again not to go into my room. I’d told him that I could clean my own stuff up, but he just can’t leave things alone.

I think it’s a condition, if you know what I mean.

Sure, when we were friends before I knew he was tidy. Hell, I’d seen his room, there wasn’t a speck of dust out of place. Thinking back it was pretty scary, but it never took me long to mess things up a little bit, make everything more comfortable.

When we decided on moving in together I thought I could handle that, I thought he could tidy his room, even do the rest of the house, but our rooms would be our own.

I guess I was wrong.

Yeah, I knew he was tidy, I just didn’t realise he was such an anal prick about it.

2. Adam:

Believe it or not Kyle and I used to get on fine. I suppose we still could if I learnt to stand the mess he likes to live in, but I don’t blame him for this, it is as much my fault as his. I wish I could chill out, I’m just too used to things being tidy.

Kyles’ anger was an issue at times, but he isn’t a bad guy. I don’t know why he went so over the top right then. I didn’t go into his room, but he doesn’t think straight when he’s annoyed, so it wouldn’t have mattered what I said anyway. I did see Sarah go into his room earlier and come out with his clothes for washing, so he probably wasn’t lying about the remote being moved, Sarah thinks he’s a slob and watches too much TV.

I wasn’t about to get Sarah in trouble with Kyle by saying that, though. She’s my friend and I know she’s nervous of Kyle when he gets angry, even if she does things like hide his remote when he’s not looking.

Sarah has always been a bit pushy, when I first met her I didn’t like her at all. She was really loud and childish. Embarrassing to be around, I’m sure you know people like that.

-Flashback. Adam P.O.V.-

“Adam, Sarah. Sarah, Adam” Kyle said, introducing us. I smiled at her and ignored the over-zealous handshake and beaming smile as best I could. I’m quite a quiet person, I don’t like it when people are too friendly during the first meeting, it puts me off.

“Nice to meet you.” I said, voice quiet as usual.

Annie was there as well, me and Kyle knew her from before, at college. After the initial introductions they all left me to my own devices, mostly. I chatted for a bit with Annie, she can be loud, but she’s not too bad and I was used to her at this point. The rest of the time I sat listening to their conversations and not really trying to have any input.

After eating at a cafe and window-shopping for half an hour we made our way to the cinema, which was why we’d all met up in the first place.

I was sat between Sarah and Annie, which was a mistake because they kept whispering together, over me, rather than watching the film.

I didn’t like Sarah for a while after that.

-End Flashback.-

I guess it was about three months before I started talking to Sarah. We were at a local football game - Annie’s little brother was playing - but we were bored and decided to go off to get something to eat. I can’t remember our exact conversation, I just know that talking together was easier from then on.

After that I learnt a lot about her, for everything we didn’t have in common there would be something we did. She was loud, I was quiet, but we both had the same taste in music. We liked different foods, but we both liked cooking. I didn’t like heights, she loved them, but we both hated spiders.

You know, if I’d have had to trust anyone with my life, back then I would’ve chosen Sarah.

3. Sarah:

Adam? I used to be friends with an Adam. He was funny and quiet. I guess I’m the quiet one now.

Would you like a drink? Don’t worry I’m making one anyway.

Do you take sugar?

I love cooking. It’s why none of them like me any more. I’m just not good at it, I know I’m not, but I can’t help it. Recipes aren’t written right, they don’t go to plan. I didn’t mean to set the fire alarm off, don’t yell at me, I said I’m sorry.

The Christmas dinner I made was nice, they liked that, or they said they liked it, which might have been because of the occasion. I don’t know. I think they humoured me sometimes.

Annie was the worst, always shouting. Well… not in the beginning I suppose, it was after we’d settled in and started fighting. We never could agree.

Was it the right thing to do? To move in with them I mean? They were my friends, but now they aren’t and I’m all alone. It’s not really their fault, but if I don’t blame them I’ll blame me and that doesn’t feel very good.

I can’t really trust people any more.

What are you even doing here?

I don’t know anything about Annie.

I don’t care if she broke up with her boyfriend, he was horrible anyway, everyone’s horrible…

-Flashback. Sarah P.O.V.-



“No, Ad, she needs to know, I’m going to tell her. Her cooking is vile, it always is, has been and will be.”

“I like cooking.”

Annie spun round.

“Cooking doesn’t like you!”

-End Flashback.-

She was right it doesn’t, it doesn’t like me at all.

4. Annie:

Oh you won’t get any sense out of her, she’s gone all crazy. Like it’s our fault or something.

No. I don’t think it was. We only lived together for two and a bit years, that’s not enough to fry her brain. She was doolally before that.

She was always so upbeat, you know how people are when they’re just trying to cover up the fact that they’re screwed? Yeah. Well, she was like that.

I don’t know, she didn’t exactly keep a manual of her life. She was living alone when we met her, so I mean, it might have been a sucky up-bringing, but I don’t know, we never talked about it.

When we first met each other we used to talk about girly things, but that got old fast because we have nothing in common. I just went along with the boys and her because it got me a cheap place to stay until I could afford something better, you know.

Yeah, something better. Me and the boyf. were saving up, but she screwed that right up too.

I am angry. Of course I’m angry, I have a new job, a new life and you’ve brought me back here with all these questions? Why do you need to speak to me? I’m not part of the mess, that’s the rest of them. Kyle with his stupid temper, I mean take a chill pill, dude. Then Adam with his ‘pity me I got punched in face and I think it almost killed me’ and Sarah with her ‘I can’t come out, everyone sucks, they’re all bast-’.”

5. Kyle:

So you talked to Sarah and she talked back?

You talked to Annie too? How did you get her to answer anything, she’s so up herself now. I didn’t realise it before, otherwise I wouldn’t have invited her to live with us, but she’s insufferable now.

Well, I guess it doesn’t matter, they’ve both gone crazy in their own ways, you won’t get much sense out of them, but that’s girls for you, so overemotional. They always think it’s all about them.

Neither of them can think about anyone except themselves, Annie was like that from the beginning, that was just her. It was Sarah that shocked me, I mean she’s acting all depressed and whatnot and she won’t even speak to us on the phone, let alone in person. She was always so talkative too, and I liked that about her, I like the old her before she got all nervy. Now the only one she’ll talk to is her shrink, and apparently you, a stranger. I suppose she thought it was her duty to give her side of the story.

Of course she didn’t make much sense. How is a cracked person like her ever going to give you straight answers, her minds wandering around. I feel a bit sorry for her actually, she used to be so different and it kind of is our fault she’s like this now. If she’d speak to me I’d like to see her, but she won’t because she’s scared of me, just like the other two.

I’m not quite sure how to bounce back from all this. It’s stupid, we were only living together, it’s not like we were all married or something. There wasn’t any abuse going on, sure I hit Adam, but that was once and he should have seen it coming. Besides, he’s a dude! I mean seriously, it’s time he grew a pair, anyone would think I was living with three girls. Now that would have been a disaster waiting to happen.

It’s just a thought but… I’d like to talk to Sarah again, could you put in a good word for me? I don’t want her to feel afraid of me, that kind of hurts.

6. Sarah:

Come in, come in, it’s nice to see you, it’s been a while.

Of course I’m okay, why wouldn’t I be? You just sit there a minute while I get your coffee.

I remember how you take it, black with no sugar. You’re too much of a sweetie for such a bitter taste, really.

The others? I don’t want to talk to them, they don’t like me. They think it’s my fault we all spilt up, I couldn’t keep it together, but it was them. You know it was them, right?

Do you want to try my birthday cake? I made it yesterday. I’m proud of it, it turned out good, maybe cooking likes me when it’s not meant for anyone else.

Oh, don’t worry, you can still have some, I won’t starve you.

I’ve been good, better actually. I’ve been doing my shopping, like you said and I’ve tidied up a bit too. I used to be tidy, I think I told you that, didn’t I? Maybe that was all for other people too. I lived my life for others, not myself and I still fell out with everyone, I’m not a very good person am I?

Oh don’t try and make me feel better.

Do you like the cake? It’s good isn’t it? I made it myself, it’s for my birthday, it’s my birthday today. Have you come to wish me happy birthday?

Thank you.

Kyle wants to speak to me? I didn’t take his remote, don’t be angry at me, I said I was sorry, but he doesn’t know, don’t tell him, please don’t tell him.

What? Tell who what? Oh, I don’t know, I get a bit silly sometimes, do you want some cake? Sorry, I’m all scatterbrained, I meant to offer you some. I made it myself, but it’s not that bad this time.

I think I’m getting better, see, the first step is acceptance. I’m not alright, but I will be. I’m talking to people now, I’m cleaning myself up again, I’m having a conversation with you, don’t you think I’ve come a long way?

Yes. Yes, maybe I will speak to Kyle again. It’d be nice, I think. Will it be nice?

7. Adam:

I had a call from Kyle yesterday. He apologised to me, though he called me a pansy straight afterwards, but that’s what he’s like. I wasn’t ever expecting an apology anyway, it surprised me.

Yeah, I guess I am happy, we used to be good friends. He said he’s talking to Sarah again now as well. She’s still difficult, but she’s getting better, he invited me over for lunch with them at a cafe in town, I think I’m going to go. We’ve all calmed down, it’s time to move on.

No, Annie won’t be there, she rang me the other day, didn’t I say? Sorry, I had to run off to work didn’t I? Well, she was… in a mood. I don’t know how else to express it, she was being the new ‘bitch Annie’. I don’t know when she got so bad, it wasn’t really us, I don’t think.

But anyway, she has a job, a new boyfriend and she says she’s happy. She also said to wish Sarah a belated happy birthday, I think that’s the only reason she rang up, she was close to Sarah for a time, and Sarah is the one that came out of this the worst. Annie’s changed for the worse, but I guess she still has some decency. Of course, I didn’t know how Sarah was doing at that point because Kyle hadn’t rung me yet, but I said I’d wish her a happy birthday anyway, I could always have left a message on her answerphone.

Are you happy with me going?

Yeah, yeah I do want to, I really do.

8. Kyle:

I didn’t think Adam would forgive me to be honest, I mean I punched him, I was even put in jail for it, but that was only for a little while, it was difficult for me to find a job afterwards, but I have now, I’m moving on.

Yeah, I know, I was lazy back when I was living with everyone, but I’ve picked up the slack now, I have a responsibility to look after myself and get Sarah back to a semblance of normality.

We’ve been having lunch together twice a week for the past month, she’s really starting to come out of her shell again, I didn’t ask her if I could bring Adam along, but I think she’s up to it now, at least I hope she is.

Oh Annie isn’t coming, she has her ‘new life’ and all of that, she said something about not letting me wreck this one as well.

I guess it hurt a bit, but Annie’s not the girl I went to college with, I’m not sure, but I think her old boyfriend wasn’t all that nice to her and I haven’t met this dude but… I don’t know, I think Annie’s chosen her path.

From here everything will work out, I know it will. We’re all recovering and we’ve all moved on, even Sarah now.

Well, I had to try, I feel like it’s mostly my fault that we all fell apart, it was my violence that caused the break-up.

I know, I know. It was the others as well. We all messed up, but we’ll be friends again, or at least we’ll speak to each other. No lasting harm done.

We’ll be okay, it happens: friends fall out sometimes.

The End.

The End

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