'Cause Baby You're My Centrepiece (Lion)

"Oh Heather, from high school? That blonde, blue-eyed angel? The cheerleader and tennis star? Your Heather? Oh sure, I know what became of her. Matter fact, I married her. Yesiree, your precious Heather. I won her heart and I won it good.

"Well now sir, I can't say I do know if she would remember you. You see, at night,  it's never your name she screams out when the moment comes. Oh no siree, it ain't yours at all. She's a mighty good one, little Heather. Three boys ain't done nothin to to that 'figger of hers, though that mighty fine rack done swoll' up some. But who's complainin'?

"Sure 'nuff, I kin git 'most any woman I like, out on the racetrack in my number 69 jersey, but it's always nice to have Heather around for show. I can't just make it public about the others, can I? Besides, none of them others last so long, them is just alright for a couple of giggles when I need a good punch, 'eh? Like Violet, the pretty French nanny, or Margo, Heather's maid. I have the money they want, and they're tight enough to pull me together for a few hours. What's wrong with that?

"But Heather, sweet Heather, she's the one that's always been beside me when I hold up them huge trophies at the end of a race. Far as she knows, I'm the perfect guy. It ain't like she would dare give up the glory and the goodside of my temper to find out otherwise, eh?

"So sure, I know what became of that Heather. If you ever drop by one of my sponser dinners, she'll be the centerpiece of the table. Those cheerleader legs and tennis abs sure come in handy when I'm trying to score up some points with investors, you know."

(Sorry this isn't in 3rd person! I didn't realize I'd made that mistake until after I wrote it)

The End

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