In The Land of The Ducks, The Mallard is King (Rac7hel)

"Aren't pretty much all ducks mallards, Grampa?" asked Timmy.

"Welllll" croaked Grampa. "Yes, most 'a the ducks are. But you're missing the point, m'boy. Ya see, in the land of ducks..."

“But didn’t the other ducks evolve from the same thing the mallards came from?”

“Oh I s’pose they did, sure,” said Gramps. “But listen, Timmy, in the seventeenth century…”

“So the king duck is just the common duck then?”

“He’s prob’ly a common duck, yeah,” said Grampa, “but that’s not what I--”

“So ducks are just like stegosauruses!” Timmy grinned, wild and triumphant.

“Yes,” Grampa sighed. “Exactly, Timbo.”

The End

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