On a perfect day - AmandaQuirky

On a perfect day, he thought wistfully, we might go the movies, the park, even the zoo.  I know she likes the tigers... I'd love to see something friendly, like a penguin: or a snake. 

While musing, he idly tried to open his mouth a little wider; with a bit more leverage, he was pretty sure he could get a word or two out.

She heard his muffled noises, and removed the gag with a mocking smile.  Applying another coat of atomic rouge lipstick, waiting for him to speak, she thought to herself what a perfect day this had been.

**Note to Reader: Part of the man's 'perfect day' description is taken from the Lou Reed song, Perfect Day.  This is my illustration of how 2 people's ideas of perfection can differ significantly; I'm leaving this note as a reference, so as not to plagiarise said song.**

The End

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