Nightmares - Hannah Kingdom

Not for the first time, Alfie woke up shuddering and in a cold sweat. The rain hammered down on the window panes and he knew sleep would not return tonight.

He changed, grabbing a coat and slipping out the door. Within seconds, his blonde hair was plastered to his face, turning dark. He trudged along well-known streets aimlessly. An unfamiliar girl jumped the wall next to him, sprinting past.

He whirled after her, catching her shoulder in a firm grasp.

"It may not seem like it right now, but someone up there loves you." he said in his gentle voice.

She looked up at him with eyes widened with fear. She wrenched her arm out of his grasp and was lost to the sheets of rain.

"Wait!" he yelled, because he knew these streets and these streets were not safe.

The End

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