Why Wine is Whimsical (Eloosive)

“You wonder why I’m whimsical?” Wine whispered wickedly.

“Indeed, I insist on this information,” he informed her irritably.

She giggled, gratingly, gathered her garish garments, and gambolled gracelessly. Then she began grunting gleefully.

He sighed, stared at his watch significantly, and shook his head disgustedly. Surely she can see her silliness holds no sway with me?

“I am awaiting an answer,” he admonished acidly.

“My marvellous man, my mercurial merriment is no mystery at all! I am merely nearly one-fifth alcohol!”

“Ah ha! Then you admit to being drunk at all times?”

“As surely as you and I have rhymed!”

The End

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