How the Hypnotic Disc Detracts from Sanity (AmandaQuirky)

She walked away from the computer for 5 minutes; when she returned, the hypnodisc screensaver had spiralled into existence, turning the Kooky Kitties background into a myriad of seductive, coalescing rainbow tones. Staring into the swirling patterns, she allowed herself to dream. 

She dreamed of futuristic cities, eco-friendly and sleek, piercing the horizon.  She dreamed of technology to extend lifespans, to vanquish disease, even death itself.  More far-fetched, she dreamed of losing 20 lbs., and fitting back into her size 12 little black dress.

When she went to bed that night, mind overflowing, she never even realised she'd forgotten to take her medicine.

The End

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