The living blueberry muffin (Boha100)

Muffin just sit around
Eating the food that Muffin finds on the ground
Muffin get more round.

Muffin favorite food that Muffin find
On a vine
The blue foods that taste so divine

Muffin saw a little rabbit.
Mufin don't have the habit
Of eating meat
But Muffin like to take a seat

The rabbit hopped up to me
So Muffin got to see
Smiled with glee

The sky turns gray
Rabbit hops away

So Muffin disolved
Muffin never solved
The puzzle
Muffin thought Muffin needed a muzzle
But Muffin got so confuzzled

There once was a Living blueberry muffin.


The End

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