The Killer Cucumber (D.Daniels)

"So this is how it ends." Sally Strawberry states. "Standing on the biscuit-barrel's roof with Beverly Banana and Kerry Kiwi."

Beverly and Kerry stand at the edge of the roof, overlooking the fruit kingdom, all the little raisons jumping around in circles.

"There's been rumours of a...a vegetable going around killing innocent fruit." Kerry whispers.

"Hello, Ladies." A voice sounds behind them.

"Oh no!" they cry.

"Heh-heh-heh!" The cucumber cackles. He pulls out a bag of sugar and pours it on Sally, "No! I'm mel-t-in-g-g-g."

He jumps to the others, pushing them off.

"Ha!" he yells triumphantly. "My work's done."

The End

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