Vampire [Un]romance (Seraph)


Her hair was curled, her eyes were bright, they glittered like beacons, like beams through the night.

As goosepimples grew, she shivered in fear, is that whispering of wind that she heard in her ear?

Her sight spanned the room, yet atmosphere's clear.

What seeped through the window? An ominous wisp, advancing most evilly for maiden’s last kiss.

Wisp morphed into man, o malevolent fiend! With claw-like projections and carnivorous creed.

Fangs glittered with malice, encroaching the meal, she’s frozen with terror, she’s numb, struck, can’t feel.

Those razor sharp talons reached out for her skin, scraped over her trunk, to fresh neck that’s akin.

Blood spurts from her wounds , she gurgled and coughed,  caressing her face...

He tore it, clean off.

The End

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