Demonic Teaparty (CharlieRoberts)

  “Azzreggar could you pass the sugar please?” Zerruggar the horned Demon asked his life partner across the table.

  “Of course, darling,” Azzreggar smiled, picking up the small bowl of sugar cubes with his huge clawed hand and passing it to Zerruggar.

Zerruggar dropped 47 cubes into his Earle Gray and placed the bowl gently onto the clothed table.

“Oh, darling, you’ll never guess who I saw at the market,” Azzreggar said, flicking his tail.

Before Zerruggar could reply, there was a crash as a man in a long leather coat and a hat crashed through the ceiling.

“I’m about to kick some demon butt,” the Demon Hunter said, thumbing back the hammer on his gun, causing the Demon's to scream girlishly.


The End

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