100 Words or Less, By Invitation Only, In 3rd Person

A collection of stories/poems/journal entries/whatever that are 100 words or less. The idea is that the author of 1 chapter invites the next 3 authors, and gives them their subject in the title. To make it slightly more interesting, I'm stipulating that everyone writes in 3rd person.
If this idea bombs, sorry, but it seemed fun when it occurred!

She wanted to give them a good example of what she meant, but her brain was starting to fizzle around the edges.  She'd been up half the night after being 'playfully' kicked in the ribcage by her daughter, and she'd pretty much used up all her creative juices first thing that morning while adding a chapter to someone else's story.  Listening to her own internal monologue, she decided that it would do, and posted the words along with some brief guidance:

If the above chapter had a proper title, it would be something akin to, "The Example for This Exercise".

The End

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