10 Reasons

This is a fun little Exercise where you write ten reasons why..

                                  10 reasons why I should be a actress..

  1. Acting is my life!
  2. I'm not one of those girls who try TO act, I have skills! -Giggles-
  3. I'm not scared to die in the movie!
  4. If its a movie based off a book, I'll read it!
  5. I'll do stunts!
  6. I'll kill to play Prime in the Hunger Games! (Not really, but thought i should say that if the casting ppl read this)
  7. I've been in 7 local plays, but I'm ready to move on up!
  8. Hi, I'm Maggie
  9. I enjoy to act.
  10. I take really good headshoots
The End

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