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Notes to Myself

updated 21 hrs ago

Something Random

added 6 days ago


added 12 days ago
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The One in the Costume

added 17 days ago
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White Brain

added 20 days ago

La Pace Nelle Tenebre

added 20 days ago

Of bone deep love

added 23 days ago
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Where the Dead Don't Die and the Lively Mock the Reaper

added 25 days ago

A Decrepit Rant

updated 28 days ago

For You

added Aug 25
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2016 Poetry Marathon: 24 More Poems in 24 Hours

updated Aug 14
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Eat Boiled Crow(part two)

added Aug 9
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added Aug 8

When the Mirrors Scream Lies

added Aug 7

A Poem For My Mississippi Man

added Aug 7

2/7/16(free write)

added Aug 2

Dear ___

added Aug 2

The Tendency to Sin

added Jul 22
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Book Stand

added Jul 21
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Cael's Memories: Poems

updated Jul 19