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The not-so-great depression

added Jun 6

The Ocean I Look Upon

added Apr 9

Death and Aches(life as we knew it chapters 11-15)

added Apr 3

Age Of Miracles Chapter 9-16

added Mar 25

"The Age of Miracles" week two analysis

added Mar 25

Reader responce of Life as We Knew It

added Mar 20
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The Day The Slowing Started (chapters 1-3)

added Mar 18
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added Aug 2 '15

War Novel Brainstorm

added Jan 14 '15

The Fault in Our Stories

updated Feb 25 '14
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Lost to The Ardeur– A Examination of Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake Novels

added Aug 21 '13
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Ting's First Fiction Novel Coming Soon

added Jul 13 '13
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Book and Movie Reviews

added Feb 23 '13
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I am the Spider

updated Feb 13 '13
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Steamy Romance by Michelle Hughes

added Jan 28 '13

People in My Life

added Sep 27 '12

Book Review for series by Veronica Roth

added Jul 3 '12

How To Begin (Or Not To Begin) A Three-Minute Speech

added Mar 13 '12
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The Clockwork Effect

added Jun 8 '11

BOOKS OF 2011/12

added May 19 '11

The Public Historian

added Apr 12 '11

Shakespeare's Use of the Supernatural

updated Dec 7 '10
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A Book Review Or Two

updated Oct 28 '10
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