a 20-year-old cat from Wonderland, United Kingdom

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"'Dreams are like stars, if you follow them. They will lead you to your destiny'"

My names Luna. I like writing (even though I suck at it xD) and reading, hence why i'm here. I'm one of those people that starts writing a story, but never finishes it because they are too lazy or just simply can't be bothered. Sometimes my imagination overtakes me and half of my stories make no sense at all, but oh well you can't win them all. I like writing fan-fictions and that's about it. Occasionally I write about fantasy, romance and horror. My favourite books are: The Artemis Fowl series, The Thief Lord, Inkheart, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips, Matilda, Dragon Rider, Scarlet, Shadow, The Butterfly Lion and more. If your favourite author is Cornelia Funke then you are officially my new best friend. That's about it....Bye now, sweet nightmares.


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