a 23-year-old guy

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call me moe which is short for Mohamed. my hobbies are playing football, playing my 360, swimming and writing. My eyes are out of date simply for reading to much not to mention my writing, which is scattered all over my room, and i thought they would do better on this website then under my bed. I enjoy reading different types of books  but my favourates are:

The saga of darren shan

the demonata

faere wars

the family curse

the lord of the rings books by Tolkein

skullduggery pleasent

jacobs ladder

anything to do with point horror

and much more i forget just like i do with half my writing. Talking about writing, the thing that got me into it was tolkeins books, shortly after reading them i realised that the little ideas i get after reading books should not be put to waste and so i decided to turn them into stories, which hopefully you guys will get to read.  

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