a 22-year-old female

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"Some men are born great, others achieve greatness, but some men have greatness thrust upon them--Williams Shakespere"

Hey, I'm new here, so add me or check out my writings. I guess you want to know a bit about me now, so here goes. I'm can be annoying, talkative, loud when I want to be, shy when I want to be. Sometimes I'm stubborn, It takes a lot to get me angry, but when I do it tends to be really bad.

I like to look at myself as an individual. I love being weird and really random and laughing because it's the best way to stop the tears. I don't like hypocrisy but I tend to find myself being a hypocrite. I hate that about myself.

As you can see I wrote mainly negative about myself, well that's because I don't see much in myself. Don't feel bad for my, give my sympathy or pity me. I hate that.

I don't believe in love, don't ask why. I have many reason for being the way that I am now. The last three years have changed me so much.

I love music, it has gotten me through some of the hardest times of my life. I'm sorta getting bored of my music so if you have any suggestions for anything that is rock, alternative, techno, or electro-pop, please tell me.

I may have a black heart but I don't look at it as broken or stained. To me it's endless. Endless love, endless emotions. Endless. Black is endless.

So I'm me, accept me, reject me, I don't really care. I'm here to write, and that what I'm gonna do.

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