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"'One more time? For the audience?' he says. His voice isnt angry. It's hollow, which is worse. Already the boy with the bread was slipping away from me' (From the hunger games)"

well i dont have much to say really. im a clumsy person who falls and bumps into things a lot sometimes i'd even break things in result. hahaha i like to love in a fantasy world and you know what happens after a while. you start to lose grip on reality but in my case i en up thinking like an anime character weird right but its definitley cool. I know im rambling but what do you do on this bubble?
OH yeah i forgot i moved away recently and i miss my friends a lot and for your infirmation this is for converstaions sake. I also broke my arm haha im really proud of it.

I like reading manga like naruto bleach beizanghast oand plenty more. My favourite colour is ligt green and favourite character in my shows are

1 Hei from darker than black ( his real name is Lee Sheng Shun)

2 Ullqiorra from bleach

3 Senrie Shiki from Vmapire knight

Im a really lazy person whos smart enough ( dont meant to toot my own horn) but never do any work whatsoever i fall in love really easily too.

my fav food is slami pizza :D

well talk to you guys later see ya round

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