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"Poppy's got an ASBO!" (Amusingly Squashed Brown Object) Why is that^^ still my fave quote? XD

Yes I know I NEED to update my profile, but I cba at  the mo so yeah this'll have to do... oh and for my fave songs i like things like BFMV, Paramore and Evernessance- Rock On!!! :P


Heya guys!

In my spare time i do a lot of things and as you can probably guess one of them is writing. I like writing lots of things from stories to songs but I like sharing them with people the most!

Please rate my posts and if there is anything that could improve please let me know.

Hey if any of you trapped authors are there, i was also thinking of editing trapped to make it better sounding. if anyone wants to do their chapters please message me!! ;)

Also I am writing the prequel to trapped so if any input please let me know, although it is a solo atm. as its from saphs pov.



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