a 24-year-old chick from Ontario, Canada

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"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world."

Wow... where to start.  I'm in highschool, and let's just say i like to stand out.  I try not to care what people think, but i don't exactly make it easy on myself; i tend to dress, act and think oddly.  By other peoples standards anyways.

I LOVE being creative in any way.  I need to have a career regarding art or it's quite possible i'll go insane.  Well, more insane than i already am.

I love visual arts (me and my friend painted a mural for our school and recieved a special award), I love playing drums, i love writing and I am always doodling in my books.  I read and listen to music. Anything creative, I dig it.

I dance and hang out with friends, but books sometimes qualify as friends.  My favorite mainstream authors are Stephen King (duh), Dean Koontz, Christopher Pike, and pretty much anything along those lines.

Feel free to interrogate me... I love meeting new people.

Peace for now


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