a 24-year-old lady from a planet called Earth, United States

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"And I'll retreat there now; withdraw into the world of my books. I shall find solace in that place where such perfection I crave exists apart from the world where it can never be so..." ~me

I am a self-proclaimed Nerd/Geek who is obsessed with Star Wars. And, so being a "Fan Girl" I LOVE reading from the Star Wars universe (but I do love lots of other Sci-Fi and Fantasy literature.). I have been writing since ago 11, but lately I haven't really been into the groove of it. Hopefully this will get me motivated!

Things I am working on at the moment:

Star Wars: EU: Servants of the Force An Expanded Universe (hence the EU) story from the Star Wars saga. My first Star Wars collab... The story is still developing... but so far, in the first chapter, Mirdala Skirata, a rogue Jedi/Mandalorian, has a bounty out for her supposedly set by the Jedi, who want her back in their ranks. What's going to happen? Join and change SW history! Ha-ha... maybe not HISTORY but still.

Project Raen Cloning and Government Projects brew in this story. I'm not really working fervently on this on currently. Most of the Characters are based on real persons in my life.... only advanced or completely different, which really doesn't make them similar in some ways.

Two Heirs A tale of love, war, and battle set in medieval times. Haven't really been working on this so much for lack of time and interest. But perhaps that could change...

There hasn't really been any interest in my work as of yet, but hopefully that changes. Perhaps with motivation from readers, I'll get back into it full-power.

Some things that I've finished:

Train of Thought! Just a poem thingy I wrote one day and just recently found.

Translucent A poem I just wrote about being as light complected as I am. Weird, yes, but maybe someone out there will appreciate it.

The Dream A random short story. I doubt that anyone else agrees, but I just think it's a cute thing.

Affections A love poem.

These are some colabs that I am or have been a part of:

The Mystery of Aubrey Smith by babyrhinos. It's completed now, but it's still worth posting on here to be read.

The Mystery of Chace Wilt by babyrhinos. Still going on! Still waiting for more characters to be created! Come! Join the fun!

SCIT #1: Pushing Up Daisies by babyrhinos.Just wrapped up this one. My character, Bethany West, is a beauty in need of a man, and is part of the Special Crimes Investigation Team. More episodes to come!!!

SCIT #2: At the Last Gasp by babyrhinos.The second episode of the series. The president's daughter has been kidnapped! Can the team get her back in one piece?

SCIT #3: A Murder of Crows by babyrhinos. When Steve (Scarecrow) West is framed for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, the team fights to prove the innocence of one of their most important members. Can they do it? Or is Crow really guilty?

The Attic Of Lost Things by Alipix. It is much like Alice in Wonderland I think. You loose something in the Attic, and you are trapped there until you complete three tasks. The Queen will grant you ONE wish. Do you want what was taken from you or do you want to go home? Choose wisely...

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