a 22-year-old hobo from the United States

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"Music is life"

Okay! Now some info on me!!! :3


~Color: black/neon

~Food: chocolate or ALFREDO!!!

~Band(s): Paramore, Linkin Park, TDG, BFMV, Disturbed, etc. <3

~Channel: TruTV

~Book: The Hunger Games *-*

~Movie/story genre: Horror/suspense




~People who call me emo -_-

~self-righteous people

~People who can't talk about anything other than their significant other


~I've never had a boyfriend (or a girlfirend :P)

~I've never kissed a guy

~I've been in a mental hospital

~I almost recieved a black belt in Tae Kwon Do

~I'm lazy

~I swear a lot

~I love anime

~See ya peeps!~

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