a 21-year-old funky monkey from Cardiff, United Kingdom

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"A good friend will bail you out of jail; a great friend will be sitting next to you saying 'That was fun!'"

So, my name is Jenny, I'm 13, live in Cardiff, UK.

I have a sister, Sarah, also a writer, a half-brother who lives in Kent with my stepmum and dad.

But who wants to know all the boring stuff?

Okay, so, born on 14th January 1996, I was a girl (DUH!). Grew up; became a sulky teen who hangs out with her friends, wears make-up and laughs. A lot.

So, I'm just your average teen. Apart from the fact the only place I don't wear make-up is school; what's the point, all the guys in my form are jerks, and if I get asked out JUST BECAUSE I'm wearing make-up, what kind of a guy is that?

I love the Jonas Brothers, and although my sister may find it hard to write Kevin stuff now that he's engaged, I, however, do not. My like for the Jonas boys is not helped by the fact that I have a thing for boys with brown eyes.

I have a strong dislike for Miley Cyrus' voice, because, although she may be a nice enough person, her voice makes me shudder. I mean, have you heard her in Before the Storm. I do think that Kevin Jonas's and Selena Gomez's voices go perfectly together, as Send It On proves.

I am jealous that famous people are so pretty, I drea of becoming one of them, joining the FAME by singing. Or acting. Maybe even both!


Hair: Brown; coppery when in sunlight

Eyes: Blue-grey; right has a brown birthmark in it.

Height: 5'2" (I think)


Fave music: slow stuff; thin texture. EG: Black Keys, Jonas Brothers

Fave Genre of Movies/TV Programmes: COMEDY!!!

Who doesn't love a good laugh?

My friends are my life, as is my family, so thanks guys! You all rock! So, watch out for anything I might be posting! And message if you want another part of something out; the more messages, the quicker things come out!!!

Oh, and I really have no idea what time zome I'm in... :S

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