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"A conclusion is the place you reach when you can't be bothered to think anymore"

Hey everyone!

(Almach loves 'spinny' chairs)

She insisted I write that.

For my twelth birthday I was given a blank notepad by my sister's ex-boyfriend. He wrote a little message inside that inspires me everytime I read it and thought I would post it here so when I am writing I can refer to it a lot easier than going upstairs to extract it from my hiding place (I use it as a diary). NB, the names have been changed as a precaution.


You always had a fantastic imagination. And I always look forward to what you can create.

I think you only need 3 major things to start you off:

1. Inspiration - I hope you like the film - I hope it's relevant.

2. A Good Pad - This one's cool right! Even if you want to scribble in it, write stories or use it like a diary.

3. A Fun Pen - This sounds weird but you have to enjoy it! The pen is pink - it's not my colour but I hope you like it!

There's plenty of other things you need to create art - But the fun of it, is finding out yourself!

However I'm confident you'll show me something, someday, that will blow our minds!


Dreams and good ideas last forever

x                 "John" 2       : )

I hope you find something equally as useful or inspirational in there, or maybe it will simply make you laugh - I know it did me.

I would really appreciate it if I could get feedback on Fuoco Incrotiato (I'll add the link below) and I am always willing to read other people's work in return.

Recommendations: Spook's Ascerion (spell check) Trilogy; I have read all the books and they are full of twists and turns; Elorithryn's Phoenix Trilogy; funny and exciting with one of the most evil baddies I've ever come across!

I would like to apologise in advance if I am online infrequently because of my workload at school.

Enjoy my works!

xLil Hillx

P.S. The Fun Pen thing is true! I always write better with an interesting pen ;-P

10 Facts about Me:

  • I'm a Gemini
  • My favourite game is Uno
  • I like languages - but French is my favourite
  • Sometimes I speak without thinking
  • I'm cheeky 20% of the time and sarcastic the other 80%
  • My favourite book is 'Bloodlines' by Richelle Mead
  • I'm the youngest of three kids by 7 & a 1/2 years
  • I'm pretty short
  • My favourite genres are: Sci-fi, (dark) fantasy and dark romance.
  • I can hold a grudge for a VERY long time (don't I, Temglin and Almach? *cough*R.S.*cough*) so I guess I'm stubborn.


Emotions: A poetry collab that I created. It's about feelings you keep hidden or if you can't think of any hidden ones write about any feelings or emotions. Anyone can add to it. Thanks again to those who already have.


Poetry of Friends: A poetry solo. It is about all the people I am fortunate enough to have in my life. My favourite poem in this (and I'm sure my friends will agree) is 'UNO!'. Not only was it a stroke of brilliance on my part, it is a tribute to all my friends: old and new, close or not.


The Ancient Shadows Saga:
Equal Guardians: A collab I'm doing with my friend nutbra- I mean Almach. It's a sideline story to 'Night World Academy' (I do have some chapters in this story) another collab created by moon-willow. We got permission from moon-willow and I hope this story gives some more insight to Zuri and Mazany's relationship in Night World Academy. (I really recommend Night Academy because all the authors have created a really good story!) ~COMPLETED~

The Period of Darkness: The sequel to the collab 'Equal Guardians' between me and Almach. ~IN PROCESS~

Evil's Sunset: The planned sequel to 'The Period of Darkness'. Will Shadow be quelled or will he take over completely? ~NOT STARTED~

Before the Dawn: What happens after Night World Academy? Zuri and Maz are now accompanied by Midnight, Maz's love. Zuri has gained unexpected responsibilities and a dark secret is discovered.

The Return of the Night World: a newer version of NWA. The school has been closed for twenty years but now the School of Dark History has sent out letters calling in a new generation of students. What will happen this time? (NB Fellow authors in this collab: did ya appreciate the irony there? *grins cheekily*)


Ka'esica Reborn: Another collab. The plot is pretty complicated but hopefully when it is completed it will be very exciting! (If you wish to join then please speak with me or Almach first because only a certain number of people can join). I have also done a little character profile thing.


Paranormal: A collab, started by Kiri, about ten special teenagers chosen to save the lost world of Atlantis and Earth. What would you do if you were suddenly given magical powers? Includes fights and romance.
Enter the Supernatural: the sequel. What would you do if you suddenly found out the stories you thought were myths came alive?
Kiri 'Jade's Limbo' - solo and 'Marc in the Middle'
VictoriaGrace 'Jake's Story' - solo
ZillaGirl 'Seperate Ways' - solo
WiseFool 'Bullet Proof' - solo
SapphireSoul 'The Sparkle Eyed Pixie Girl' - solo
Fitzy Ellie Story-Unseen Tears - solo
Tianna 'Charley and Rory' - solo


Guardian Spirits: A collaborative started by Almach. Across the world a single day changes the lives of an unknown number of people. On this day the sky turned black and the wind suddenly stopped, on this day the chosen one's woke up in a strange new world, much like their own, only it was inhabited by... spirits.
Upon entering this bizzare new world each individual meets up with their chosen spirit Guardian and soon discover the shockin truth of life after death.


Stone of Luna: A collaborative started by CrystalRose. Elves and Wolves have lived together in the forest for millions of years with a truce. Elves mainly being the brains and Wolves the warrior's.
But one day when a young group of Elves and Wolves find a powerful stone. They have to use their powers to escape by orders of the council and hide among humans while staying alive.


Fuoco Incrotiato: Yet another collab between Almach and I. The Demons are the good guys while the Angels have been corrupted by jealousy of the Demons' powers. The Demons have been hunted until there are very few left. They, the Demons, have been forced to hide among humans, resisting the impulse to help save humans lives.
Nithya and Senka have a particularly hard time ignoring the need to help. The Crossfire sisters decide, just for once, to save a life on a whim.
Who would've known the effects of that choice?


Living with Fire: The first collab between Nightshadedark and I. I guess we're still kinda experimenting with ideas so may repost later. The general idea is there is a war between Supernatural Humans and Supernaturals Creatures. Can our heros and heroines put an end to this pointless destruction before it destroys the world?

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