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Heyy, to whoever is reading my profile right now! Before you continue on, I would just like you to know something important about me and my stories. I am an amateur writer, which means I'm not a professional (like some of my older friends on here) or a beginner (like some of my younger friends here). Sometimes my stories are really good and sometimes they're really bad, depends really. Most of my stories are based on movies that I've seen (mostly Indian, but I'm not Indian though, I'm Muslim) and some of them are based on life experiences. Most of my stories are tagged Love, Romance, & Young Adult and there are some with Teen. And that's really all I have to say about that.

Now about me, I am a nice person. I really am. After reading the above paragraph, you must be thinking I'm some boring square with perfect spelling and grammar, sometimes I am, but other times I just choose to write in text talk, mostly in comments and messages. Also I don't care what you're like, I don't care if you're black, white, bi, gay, lesbian, etc. you're welcome to be my friend as long as you are nice to me and respect my thoughts and blah, blah, blah. Just thought I'd say that, because there are a lot of people in this world that are like that and a lot of people who are against all that, my sister being one. Anywayy, continue on with my profile, it's really long now and you'll see that I am not a boring square at all, also sorta like my sister.

My Fav. Bands/Singers Are:

♥Avril Lavigne♥

♥Aly & AJ♥


♥Black Veil Braids♥

♥Boys Like Girls♥

♥Breaking Benjamin♥


♥Celine Dion♥

♥Escape the Fate♥




♥Eyes Set to Kill♥

♥Kelly Clarkson♥

♥Lady Gaga♥

♥Mayday Parade♥

♥Metro Station♥


♥Pussycat Dolls♥



♥Secondhand Serenade♥

♥Simple Plan♥



♥Taylor Swift♥

♥The Veronicas♥

♥Three Days Grace♥

♥Tokio Hotel♥

There are tons more, but can't remember at the moment.

Real Name: Maria

Age: 15

Birthday: August 29, 1997

Hair Color: Black

Right/Left Handed: Right

Fav. TVs: Code Lyoko, Destroy, Build, Destroy, Dude, What Would Happen? Pretty Little Liars, Jersey Shore, Gigantic, MTV Cribs, CSI: New York & CSI: Miami, NCIS, Law & Order, (anything really with crime scene investigations), Twisted, The Fosters,

Single/Taken: It's...complicated, but taken, definitely taken. :D

Fav. Color(s): Blue, Black, Red, Pink, White, Purple
Least Fav. Color (s): Orange, Brown, Camouflage, Gray, Green, Yellow,
Fav. Type of Music: Pop, Loud, Emo, Alternative Rock, Hip-Hop, Dance, Techno, Rap,
Least Fav. of Music: Slow love songs
Fav. Type of Stories 2 Write/Read: Love & Hate Btween a Boi & Girl, Arranged Marriages, Fanfic of Fruits Basket & Vampire Knight. I  love anything with vampires, especially Arranged Marriages with a boy vampire. I also love stories that involve emo, goth, scene girls in love with jock, preppy, popular boys

My Other Writin' Accounts:
StoryWrite.com (Username: xBoyCrazieeXXXF)
Testriffic.com (Username: Saphireqt2)
Booksie.com (Username: Saphireqt2)
Writerscafe.org (Username: xBoyCrazieeXXXF)
Mibba.com (Username: xBoyCrazieeXXXF)

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