a 21-year-old hobo from Butt-Crack of Nowhere, United States

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"Guns don't kill people. People will mustaches do."

Herp, derp. < That is literally what I deal with every single day of my life, so it's honestly a miracle that I'm still alive. Or maybe I'm some kind of zombie, intelligence kidnapped and sacrificed to rednecks.

So, I'm Morgan. I look angry almost all the time, and I have no idea why. I'm in a nationally ranked show choir, and I'm taking multiple A.P. courses at my high school, where I am a junior.

Basically, I'm that weird chick with the skinny jeans, band t-shirt, and scene hair that walks past you in the hallway, probably cursing the public school system for forcing me to deal with life-forms that don't have an I.Q. higher that -2.

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