a chick from Australia

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I'm an amateur writer who likes to write for fun and for procrastination from my studies as a student

I am still fairly new to this site, and will sometimes have great bursts of writing, while other times be fairly silent. It all depends on the degree of procrastination I'm up to at the time. 

I can never just do one thing at once, and I often find myself accidentally typing a different word from the one I meant as my mind sometimes skips ahead of my typing fingers. 

Feel free to check out some of my works. Maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't. At the moment they're all collabs of various kinds. 

I'm a uni student studying an education degree. This means at times of the year I have a lot of free time and at other times I seem to disappear due to placements or assignments :( .

I've posted in a few collabs however sadly many of them seemed to have died premature deaths. 

However you should definitely check out Masquerade, one of the collabs I am active in. I write for Eliza, and a one or two bit parts. Let me just say, it is well worth the read and shows no time of dying before its time

I'm proud to say that I reached #13 in the top 50 list. It's hard to believe. I've slipped way back since then though

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