just a cat from galaxy

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"You can't start a new chapter if you keep re-reading the last one."

Hello earthlings! This is Jordan, but call me Mittens, because I'm a fluffy talking space cat. Just kidding, but I would be super fat if I was, but also really soft and cuddly. I am thirteen years old--a very intelligent and imaginative girl with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and a small stage of depression. I might be a bit insane at times, but I can also get really suicidal just from thinking of bull that I don't want to remember. In sixth grade I popped pills from my medicine and ended up spaced. And you wonder why I'm always so cranky--I hardly get any sleep, and I'm always hungry.

No need for charity--just basically stating what I need here. Say one thing about this and I'll just ignore you. I will tell anyone who I feel comfortable with, not just anybody. So just be aware that I have major trust issues--from being treated like $@*@ in school. Another thing I'd like to add is that I am in need of someone who is an complete EXPERT at writing to help me complete this story. However, I need someone that won't be active for a day and then end up not coming back. I swear I will find someone else, but if you are in college or whatever, I'll understand. :) But just give a reason why you won't be on.

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