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"And though she be but little, she is fierce." -William Shakespeare

Hello there, darlings! You can call me Aud. :)

A little about myself, I'm a hodge-podge of a lot of things. Although I am pursuing a career in Music Education (I'm a flutist), I am very into photography, fashion, athletics (mostly swimming, running, and various martial arts), journaling, classical and jazz music, reading and writing, and travelling. I enjoy sunny days with blue skies, coffee (a little too much I might add), fancy living, cats, and learning new things.

I love words almost as much as I love music. They're different arts, yet can speak the very same language. Music expresses and communicates when words fail to do so. But when words do communicate, they create a connection between two people that's everlasting.  I enjoy a good poem by a great poet every now and then, but I also enjoy hearing those poems turned into notes and rhythms and expressed through the combination of instruments and, finally, performed.

It looks like I may have gone on too long and bored you, darling. Next time that happens, be a dear and tell me, won't you? If you have any questions about me or my interests, please don't be a stranger! I'll see you around, darling!

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