a 26-year-old guy from England, United Kingdom

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"Drown in the Cesspool of Darkness! -Nightmare (Soul Calibur IV)"

Many of the stories and novels that I write come from one of three places, and sometimes both too. The first is my nightmares. When a dream/nightmare is really interesting, I'll wake up, reach for my notebook and jot it down. Evolutionary Murder came from one of my darkest nightmares. Defictory was based on a number of dreams

Another is drawing from real life experience, my life has been like one long film, and it hasn't been pleasant. So that is a good place to go for ideas. Many characters either have the same name or are based on people I know. Evolutionary Murder, as well as being a nightmare, features a number of people that I used to know. It's an oppertunity to say and do whatever I please to them

The final one is historical events. Many interesting events have occured so I feel it is really intelligent when something is descretely based on them. Many of the battles in the Defictory series are based on historical battles

Anywho, I write mostly Science Fiction films, sometimes fantasy and I do have a 'stab' at horror

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