a 21-year-old funky monkey from the United States

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"-like clay dolls we are, one breath of life for each of us to live, each breath different smaller and larger, faster and shorter, and a whole world to see and tell, we all waste our breath, but a few of us waste it wisely-"

Hiyo, my name's will, but I'll go by that and or Mint if you please. born in 1995 in Oregon U.S.A and still living here. i like long talks about anything as long as its a good living and interesting conversation. graduated high school, haven't gone to college quite yet, but i plan too. I consider myself a decent person, but that's for the future to decide i suppose. I've been told I'm rather nice, and a bit of a scatter brain, so yeah there's that. Writing is my Happy mood, like for real, if i go a longtime without writing my mood depresses in perspective to the time that's passed. So I'm stuck writing (which is sweet!). Dreams are to at best have written books, shows and movies (I'm in love with both novel writing and screen scripts.) i went to a lovely little Art school for 6-12, its Called Arts and Communications magnet Academy (shout out!) although i didn't take many writing classes there, so i got the basics and am pretty much self taught from there, which isn't very far yet. i am a Sci-fi and Philosophic writer, oh yeah i am totally head over heels for philosophy, like the big ideas from moral lifestyles to world concepts, and plenty of the smaller pots to. my preference of writing is war/survival and slice of life while my preference of reading/watching is slice of life/drama/comedy/horror/mystery... everything as long as it isn't solid drama if that makes sense, not really into reality shows, welp that's me in a nutshell. (oh yeah I'm allergic to nuts...)

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