just a chiquita from the blustering wind

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"Why must you pretend to be someone else? You is just fine."

Well Hello there lost person. Where are you going? And why are you looking at this?

You're still looking, but oh well, what can I do about that?

I am a creative person, a thoughtful one if you will. I enjoy pondering and writing things down. I love interacting with people, chillin' and just hangin' out with them. I think people are pretty awesome.

Writing and Reading are some of my favourite things to do, hence I have joined this sight *gasp, cogs turning inside brain and everything then makes sense* I know I know, revolutionary right? But hey, you gotta admit words are pretty cool, no?

I like learning new words, especially big ones, they make me feel smart and help me express my thoughts with more elegance. 

I live in Europe, though I my passport country is the United States of America.

And if you've read thus far, that is either creepy, or an accomplishment. Take it as you will.

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