a 34-year-old from Georgia

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"If you can't astound them with brilliance, make 'em laugh and gracefully make your exit."

In my brief three decades of life I have endured and been blessed by enough experiences to author several books. I have been a model sailor and an insubordinate ass.  Several women have given me their hearts and I hope that I left them more good memories than heartache. I'm doing the very best I can to raise two girls not to hate and to appreciate life. Each experience has molded me.  Lessons have been ignored or have come at a higher price than I was prepared to pay. Through it all, there has been one constant. My love for writing has persisted even when I felt I could not. When depression loomed or I raged impotently against the heavens, an idea would form. It took roots and more often than not bore fruit. Writing is therapeutic; it is my life. 

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