a 22-year-old chica from Massachusetts, United States

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yo i'm Lydia! i'm a 17 yr old queer fat feminist latina who spends too much time on the internet and not enough time on homework. i like pretty people and superheroes and cartoons and timelords and consulting detectives and pocket monsters and tbh i'm not all that unique. i like to complain about fAnFiCtIoN and life in general but mostly fanfictionjohnkat and stony are my bread and butter. i like nicki minaj and marina&the diamonds and honestly i'm not gonna take your $!#! if you mess with them. you're not better than me because you listen to the beatles so just shut up. i play bass drum and xylophone and i singalto/mezzo-soprano. i love theatre. one day i hope to be a biologist. i like bones and ghosts and googling

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