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"What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."

Hey y'all, I've always had an interest in writing urban fiction, so I'm sure that I will get kick out of here. Hopefully y'all like my stories, but please don't mind all the grammar and spelling mistakes. As for my personal info, I'll just keep that a secret for now. I must warn everyone that my stories tend to get a little graphic in both violence and sexual content, so please if you're under 18, do not read my stories. I do have stories I have written in the past, but I wont be posting any of them because I really just enjoy making them up on the spot. I am some what of a free style writer LOL (for all the rappers out there).  I am always up for some constructive criticism, but just keep in mind that I know that I am not a professional, and I really don't plan on being one. I do this because stories just come to my head, and I usually find them entertaining. But anyways enough of my rambling, I hope you enjoy my stories, but again I warn, THAT NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18 SHOULD READ MY STORIES.

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