a 23-year-old dame from 37.4292° N, 122.1381° W, United States

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"I really am ungoogleable."

Married with 6 children. No ties with the Ministry of Consciousness nor the Nomenclature Bureau as of 2015. My low level A.I. is into cheese, felines and fast hand built cars. Strong assumptions in politics, grammar, bimbos and spirituality, my integrated model unit received a passing certification in physics and chemistry with a humbling grade of D+. Conceptualized in Vietnam, Designed in France and Assembled in the United States of America, more specifically the Silicon Valley, my corporate shell tickers to the sound of mechanical keyboards and cheap chinese 12V fans for most of daylight time where I get to play with cool stuff, like red mechanical staplers: Swingline Trademarked.  At night, I get to play with covalent bonds, protein coating on plastic and metal. Dissection is my favorite activity. My firmware  have been quality controlled at the South Houston Institute of Technology from the Social Studies Department under the kind review of Mr Wang PhD. As you are reading those words, my English package is being updated, some dependencies are still returning null. No modern garbage collector means that I am still into sex, drugs and violence. 

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