a 19-year-old girl from Philippines

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Hiii! :) Toni here! :P

Well, first of all.....I'm sorry if I wouldn't make poems, stories etc. as nice as that because to tell you honestly, I'm not really a good writer as other people do.  We all know that each one of us aren't made perfect. But even though we're not, still, we should be proud of ourselves. 

I signed up here because I thought that in this simple way of writing what you feel would make me feel better especially when I feel down as well as when I feel good. I guess that this would also be one way of expressing who you are and what do you feel. I want to develop my skills in writing, not because I really want to be famous but to inspire people through my writings. 

I know, I'm not good in writing as the others do. But this doesn't make me stop with what I would like to address. Most of the time, I write something that also comes with what I feel. It's one way of making me feel comfortable again whenever I feel uncomfortable.

My life is not wonderful as it was. I already encountered a lot of challenges, trials and problems especially when it comes to studies, friends, families and also love. But there are times that I feel that I'm the happiest person in the world. Maybe because, I achieved something that I'm already waiting for a long time. In my life, I also learned that smiling would make me feel better when I feel down. Most of the time, I know, I think negatively especially when it comes to studies. I admit that I'm a grade conscious student. That's why sometimes, If ever there would be someone who would be higher than me, I would feel very, very, very DOWN! But after that, I realized that there's always a chance to stand up because the world keeps on turning and turning around for us to improve for whatever we have failed to do.

So that's all I would like to share about me. :)) Thanks :DD 

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